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Our Collapsible TOTE storage system is a truly innovative solution for bulk handling of Preforms and Caps. Unlike the traditional preform storage, it eliminates, expensive, non-reusable packing costs such as cardboard boxes.

The Tote Storage System provides safe and hygienic stowing for plastic materials, and is specially designed to store plastic products directly from the injection machine and maintains them ready for their transportation and further use in the production process.

The flexible and innovative solution for plastic preform handling and storage needs.


  • 1.2 m³ Capacity (42cu. ft capacity).
  • Stack quantity of 5 full.
  • Stack quantity of 15 empty (tote in folded position).
  • The unique frame design allows it to be quickly “folded” by one person, reducing its volume 70%.
  • 500 kg. (1,100 Lbs.) maximum weight capacity.
  • Heavy-duty product containment lined polypropylene bag with industrial zipper closure.
  • Transportation capacity – 192 empty totes, based on 52ft. truck.


  1. Reduce the operational cost by eliminating non-reusable packing materials.
  2. Collapsible: the tote goes down to 33% of its original size, saving space when not used.
  3. Gain warehouse space since the totes can be stacked together without the help of racks.
  4. Option: eliminate the dumper application and use or bottom discharge system.