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The Preform Orienter is an efficient, highly automated, preform orienting system. The preforms are loaded into a storage hopper with a Gaylord dumper or from the feeding conveyor, which are later fed to the Preform Orienter by an incline conveyor belt. Finally, the oriented material travels through the Neck Guide and is fed out by the Singulator into the blow molding machine, to a quality inspection machine or any type of Preform machine for its further processing.


  • Gaylord Dumper
  • Storage Hopper
  • Loading Conveyor
  • Orienter
  • Neck guide
  • Singulator


The Orienter consists of a Stainless Steel Hopper with two 3.5 meter long and 3.5” wide Stainless Steel Rollers at its bottom, which are constantly turning in opposite directions (outward rotation from 800 rpm to 1000 rpm).

The Orienter receives the material from the Loading Conveyor. The constant turning of the Rollers plus the degree of inclination of the Orienter causes the Preform to place itself vertically. The Rollers can be adjusted to different speeds and openings depending on the dimensions of the Preform being processed.

Preform that is not properly oriented is deposited back into the Storage Hopper through the reject shute.

The Orienter is equipped with sensors to prevent preform overflow inside the rollers.