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Our storage systems allow for the bottles to be transported, stored and reinserted into the production line when ready. They are tested and proven to carry the lightest bottle in the market, without any damages.

Wether Lightweight PET or HDPE, the empty containers maintain their integrity in our Silo and Totes Systems.


The Bottle Tote Storage System is a truly innovative bulk handling solution. Unlike the traditional palletizing concept, it eliminates non-reusable packing costs such as film, cardboard separators, frames and strapping.

The Tote Storage System provides safe and hygienic stowing for plastic materials, it is specially designed to store several bottle formats directly from the injection or blow molding machine and maintains them ready for their transportation and further use in the production process.

The flexible and innovative solution for plastic bottle handling and storage needs.


  • 2.5 Cubic Meters
  • Skate guides or Forklift on all four sides
  • Sliding tarps cover for easy opening
  • Designed to be unloaded on Vibrating Table 
  • 26 baffles 4″ wide for Bottle Support

6mts TOTE

  • 6 Cubic Meters
  • 104″ High; 44″ Wide; 91″ Long
  • Stackable up to 3 without racks
  • Sealed Polypropylene bag
  • Bottom guided to allow movement


  • 3 Cubic Meters
  • Skate guides or Forklift on all four sides
  • 57″ High; 44″ Wide: 91″ Long
  • Stackable up to 6 without need of racks
  • Sealed Polypropylene bag