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Our Vacuum Conveying Systems is ideal for transporting lightweight containers. The system is a Pneumatic Automated conveyor for loading and unloading the Cups onto the production line. 


Good for transporting HDPE and PET as an alternative option for Pneumatic Conveyors.

The vacuum tube can be installed above a mechanical conveyor after the injection or blow molder.


Solid and semi-solid food containers are also transported into the filling lines with our vacuum conveyor system.

For plastic and polystyrene foam containers of several sizes. The system can handle 500 to 100 cups a minute. 


  • 4 Manually Loaded Hoppers

  • Each hopper has a 3 position diverter to feed 3 lines.

  • A total of 12 Independent transporting lines.


  • Push-pull technology is used to transport the containers.

  • Our system provides a low damage percentage in transportation. 


  • A receiver system with two lanes feeds the fillers.

  • The receiver has an automated 2 to 1 diverter.

  • Total of 12 Lines are fed into the fillers.